The Creator.

The thought of our creator slaps a smile on my face! His loves is so pure yet he loves without conditions. He known us before we were formed in our mothers womb and created us in his glorious imagine. What amazes me most is each strand of hair on our scalp is numbered! The care […]

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Life is given with the opportunity to choose. We all choose what path we would like to travel. A simple choice can change your entire destiny. The beauty of choice, is you can choose to put up or put out! We have a choice to love. A choice to dance in the  rain. A choice to […]

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Have you ever wanted more?! More from life?! More from yourself?! Success is where you can achieve the impossible. Success doesn’t come without sweat, tears and blood.  Success, is running for exactly what you want; it doesn’t matter if you fall on your face a thousand times. Success is placing  yourself around successful people, because […]

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Giving up! 

Have you ever felt like throwing in the towel?! Have you ever given your all, and it never seems to count?! Have you ever tried to suppress your emotions?! Have you ever tried to simply give up?! At the end of the day you don’t need recognition! You don’t need a tap on your back […]

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Love is the sweetest fragance to ever touch the atmosphere. Love is not a word to be spoken freely. Love has depth and texture. To love is to sacrifice selfish wants and attitudes. To love yourself is a gift which many die without experiencing. How can you love without truly loving your self first?! Love […]

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About time.

It’s about time I enter the world with my head held high. It’s about time I allow my inner voice to speak unapologetically. It’s about time I look in the mirror and embrace my curves. It’s about time I publicly yet wisely speak about my happiness. It’s about time I enjoy everyday with gratitude. It’s […]

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I’m tired of living my life through the lens of others opinion. Individuals will always have negative and positive opinions of my life and the lives of others. A “people pleaser” attitude will NEVER get you ahead, in actuality it only hinders your life. If your happy be happy and who gives a damn about […]

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Life is a beautiful journey consumed with its ups and downs. Sometimes life, throws us with unexpected events. Events we are not prepared to handle but somehow someway we make it through. Life experiences produces unforgetable lessons. Lessons which flows through our souls, the very thought of that experience fills us with memorable emotions. Yet […]

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Freedom is a gift worth striving for.  Freedom allows blessings to flow not just for self but also for those you choose to enter your world. Freedom encourages you to view your past through a lens of thankfulness. Freedom promotes forgiveness. Freedom is letting the past and negativity go. Freedom understands toxic relationships aren’t worth […]

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Some say daydreaming is nonsense and only occupied by the foolish. But I say daydreaming inspires breathtaking realities. Have you ever been so tired of living the basic life, occupied by the same old routes?  Or have you ever been in a daydream you wished for it to be your daily reality?!  Or that second […]

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